Project Blue! Project Blue! Project Blue!

If you’re part of the AltaSea family, these words have meaning to you and the various ways you have engaged this summer with AltaSea’s live chats, webinars, programs, and much more.

Artwork submitted by Project Blue student: Avantika V., 3rd grade, Seaside Elementary School

If these words have you scratching your head, we hope that will change as Project Blue Presents: The Blue Hour, a fundraising, drive-in experience focusing on LA as the global capital of Blue Economy and Education.  Taking place next to the USS Iowa on October 10, 2020 in San Pedro, CA, The Blue Hour encompasses much of what makes Project Blue significant and celebrates the partnerships that help define AltaSea. 

Unique times call for unique measures, and there is a dedicated group working behind the scenes to craft and create a memorable experience for all guests.  In keeping with AltaSea’s mission of a more sustainable world, The Blue Hour will also be powered by Toyota’s cutting edge, fuel cell electric vehicle technology, brought to you by Energy Independence Now (EIN)The Blue Hour will feature curated film segments exploring the Wonders, Dangers, and Solutions found at sea.  The Blue Hour will have footage of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park filmed by the Schmidt Ocean Institute making its “big screen” debut.  The Blue Hour will display art from the students who have contributed to Project Blue.  The Blue Hour will host a series of strategic announcements from AltaSea.  The Blue Hour will debut a pivotal section of Peter Sellars’ production of Mozart’s Idomeneo. And The Blue Hour will end with a one-night only commissioned art installation projected over the USS IOWA by artists Mason Rothschild and Annie Sperling in collaboration with world renowned artist, Refik Anadol.

The Blue Hour will also honor those who have really made an impact on education and our oceans.  Dr. Bob Ballard, founder of Ocean Exploration Trust, will receive the AltaSea Ocean Explorer Award. 

Dr. Robert Ballard in front of E/V Nautilus exterior photographed in San Pedro, CA on May 8, 2019.

In fact, Dr. Ballard’s video contribution to Project Blue discussing his passion and reasons for becoming an explorer has been shared and used to inspire 1,400 LA Unified school children!

In addition, AltaSea will honor Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist of Esri, with the AltaSea Ocean Innovation Award. 

Dawn Wright, Chief Scientist of Esri

Dawn has made an impact in the way the ocean is seen, as she has worked with Geographic Information System technology and created the first models for ocean mapping.   Guests will even get a glimpse of that ocean mapping as the artist installation will use some of Esri’s data.  With Project Blue focusing on children and education, AltaSea will be announcing the recipient of our NextGen Award in the near future.

Whether you have read a blog on Here’s the Blue Deal, asked a question on a live chat, or watched your child learn from our online tutorials, Project Blue is the hub for these resources.  Funds raised by The Blue Hour will go towards making Project Blue an even larger success as we enter the fall and winter.

AltaSea prides itself on paving the way for innovation and education.  So come join us for an evening that paves a new way for experiences and celebrates our commitment to education and the ocean!  We hope to see you there!   


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