5 Ways You Didn’t Know You Were Harming the Ocean (And How To Fix It)
November 18, 2019

Many of us are already aware of the major ways our habits have an impact on the environment. We know that car-pooling efforts, cycling, walking, and public transportation are all great means to contribute to reducing your carbon footprint when …

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Introducing The Radical Undersea Journey of Mr. Dude
November 5, 2019

by Vipe Desai, Author and AltaSea Ambassador  In this book, Mr. Dude is in for an awakening – rude, important, and life-changing.  The Radical Undersea Journey of Mr. Dude is a children’s book that tells the tale, beginning with the …

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Where Ocean Meets Mankind; The Ocean and Human’s Plastic Epidemic
October 23, 2019

by Annika Goldman, student at the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism I have three simple diving joys.  Beyond healthy corals, manta ray spottings, and perfect visibility…  these things that make 18 meters below the surface my happy place.  …

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Modern Sustainable Business Practices
October 8, 2019

Saving the Earth isn’t just a consumer-based problem. Now more than ever, it is increasingly important for businesses to take initiatives to become sustainable as a whole. With more and more businesses moving head-first into this modern, technological age, eco-practices …

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Creative Reuse: A Crafty Solution to Ocean Pollution
August 15, 2019

By Madeline Bankson As landfills brim with waste and ocean plastic amasses, artists and businesses are turning to creative reuse as a responsible avenue for sourcing materials.  Could creative reuse be part of the green cultural shift we need in …

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