Project Blue! Project Blue! Project Blue!
September 4, 2020

If you’re part of the AltaSea family, these words have meaning to you and the various ways you have engaged this summer with AltaSea’s live chats, webinars, programs, and much more. If these words have you scratching your head, we …

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The Bench on the San Pedro Waterfront: Eloi Amar’s Last Laugh
August 28, 2020

By Geraldine Knatz Ph.D. If you have driven along the San Pedro waterfront or walked along the waterfront promenade you have passed this bench.  I passed it myself hundreds of time before I discovered the story of the family that …

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Who was the Rose of Los Angeles?
August 21, 2020

By Geraldine Knatz Ph.D. In 1924 newspaper man John B. T. Campbell began publishing a serialized novel in the Los Angeles Herald called the Rose of Los Angeles.  It’s a  love story set against the backdrop of the 1890’s Free …

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Earth Overshoot Day
August 14, 2020

By Emily Anderson – Emily is a Junior at Arizona State University. She is working on a bachelor’s degree in Nonprofit Management. In today’s world, people tend to use resources in excess. From traveling by automobiles and planes to using …

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Forgotten History: Submarines in Los Angeles Harbor
August 7, 2020

By Geraldine Knatz Ph.D. Figure 1:USS R-7 Submarine, launched in 1919, on maneuvers with Palos Verdes Hills in the background. After construction of the San Pedro breakwater was completed in 1912, Los Angeles outer harbor  was used to support U.S. …

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