Honorary Mayor Blog #8
Stand Up for Your Honor: Ann Carpenter and San Pedro’s Honorary Mayor
March 22, 2017

By Jenny Cornuelle Krusoe Every day, I meet people who want AltaSea to succeed in building a transformative center for ocean-based research, education and sustainable business. Ann Carpenter wants to do more than that for San Pedro and beyond, and …

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Rigged for Success: Preserving Portions of Former Oil Platforms May Be Crucial Habitat for Sea Life
March 8, 2017

By Jenny Cornuelle Krusoe The rigs-to-reefs plan seemed like a great idea when the California Legislature passed it in 2010: a program funded by the oil industry that turned defunct off-shore drilling platforms into artificial reefs for ocean life. But …

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SCMI: The Researchers Helping AltaSea Create the Oceans’ Future
February 16, 2017

By Jenny Cornuelle Krusoe Walking the ocean shore, most people see waves, birds and, if we’re lucky, sea-going mammals such as sea lions, dolphins or even whales. But Dr. Daniel Pondella, director of the Southern California Marine Institute in Los …

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Helping Abalone Stick Around: New Initiative Tracks Endangered and Prized Mollusks
February 2, 2017

By Jenny Krusoe Two species of abalone are trying to make a comeback from near extinction, but their future as an important part of Southern California’s seascape remains uncertain. To gauge how well the black abalone and white abalone have …

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Can Sustainable Ocean Technologies Help Feed The World?
January 16, 2017

AgTech cashing in on global demand with sustainable food alternatives By Jenny Cornuelle Krusoe The world population is expected to add 2 billion more people by 2050, further pinching already scarce resources such as fresh water and arable land. One …

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