Blue + Green Series - 2023

1:Aquaculture to Restore

2: Building a Sustainable Workforce in the Emerging Blue Economy

Recorded April 13, 2023

Janet Kübler, PhD

Leslie Booher Co-Founder of Sunken Seaweed


Aaron Eger, Founder and Program Director of Kelp Forest Alliance

Nancy Caruso, Founder of Get Inspired

Recorded April 19, 2023

Michael Kelly, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy and Jobs


Dr. Samantha C. Leigh, PhD, Assistant Professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills

Ely S. Fournier, Director of Economic Vitality, at Strength Based Community Change

Rick Aguayo, Program Manager at Strength Based Community Change

Eros Cortez, Thriving Together Youth Program Manager

3: Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture

4: Breaking New Ground in the Ocean

Recorded April 20, 2023

Dr. Nathan Churches, Chief Science Officer at Holdfast Aquaculture


Mark Drawbridge, M.Sc., Senior Research Scientist at Hubbs-Seaworld research Institute

Dr. Kevin Johnson, Aquaculture Specialist at California Sea Grant

Dr. Rafael Cuevas Uribe, Professor at Cal Poly Humbolt, Department of Fisheries Biology

Recorded April 29, 2023

Terry Tamminen, President and CEO of AltaSea


John Molina, Founding Partner of Pacific6 Enterprises

Nick Hajek, Director of Maritime Operations at Pacific6

Meetings & Conversations - 2023


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