Campus Design

AltaSea is creating an urban, ocean-based campus at the Port of Los Angeles where ocean innovators work together

Gensler, one of the world’s leading architecture and design firms, has completed design of the 35-acre AltaSea campus. Learn more about what Architectural Digest is calling “one of the most exciting new projects” in Los Angeles. 

Phase 1A

Restoration of Warehouses 58-60, Education Pavilion, Wharf Plaza and North Facade of Warehouse 57

At AltaSea, the focus is on innovative solutions that provide sustainable development opportunities and associated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) jobs. Initial focus issues include: (1) Aquaculture – promoting sustainable aquaculture solutions, and (2) Blue Tech – developing technology for remote monitoring, sensing and ocean exploration.

Phase 1A campus elements include:

  • Restoration of Warehouses 58-60, which will house all permitted uses. Scheduled to break ground in late 2016, Warehouses 58-60 will become the intersection for innovation at AltaSea. As the initial location for all permitted activities, this will be the center and intellectual space where the scientific, business and education communities can connect and collaborate to develop solutions to coastal and ocean challenges.
  • Wharf Plaza, located between Warehouses 57 and 58, which allows large research vessels such as the E/V Nautilus to dock.
  • Education Pavilion, located between Warehouses 57 and 58 and scheduled for completion in 2017.  In addition to providing scenic outside amphitheater-style seating where students and lifelong learners will attend lectures, demonstrations and exhibitions, the pavilion will contain an indoor classroom and a coffee or snack bar.
  • North Facade of Warehouse 57 will be upgraded.

Science, Business and Education

  • Sustainable aquaculture solutions
  • Technology for remote monitoring, sensing and ocean exploration
  • Youth and adult education programs
  • Public events

Warehouses 58-60

Interior and exterior restoration

Education Pavilion and Wharf Plaza

Aerial view

Education Pavilion

Classroom view

Warehouse 57

North facade upgrade

Phase 1B

Full Restoration of Warehouse 57 (Science Hub) and Leonard Aube Way Realignment

Southern California Marine Institute (SCMI), consortium that represents a strategic alliance of 22 major universities, colleges, and foundations, will be the anchor tenant for the Science Hub. The Science Hub will provide a home for the world’s top scientists to conduct breakthrough ocean-related research and discover solutions to environmental problems. Through intensive collaboration, these great minds will conceptualize, identify and address the most pressing issues facing the ocean today. By emphasizing not just ocean-related research, but also ocean discovery, the Science Hub will contribute to a more sustainable future that benefits both humanity and the planet.

Phase 1B elements include:

  • Full restoration of Warehouse 57 (Science Hub)
  • Realignment of Leonard Aube Way, which runs along the north side of the property, will be realigned to provide additional space for building the iconic Engagement Center in Phase 1C.

Programs + Activities

  • Home of SCMI
  • Ocean-based research and discovery
  • Job development

Warehouse 57 - Complete renovation

Outside view

Warehouse 57

Inside view

Warehouse 57

Inside view

Leonard Aube Way

Street realignment

Phase 1C

Engagement Center

The Engagement Center will serve as a global beacon for ocean education. As the home of innovative marine science exhibits and education programs, the Center’s features include an auditorium with a glass wall cantilevering over the channel, a learning grotto and science laboratories. Programming at the Engagement Center will strengthen STEM education and, by its fifth year of operation, is projected to annually provide educational experiences for up to 50,000 children in grades K-12, with a total visitor count expected to surpass 200,000.


Programs + Activities

  • Science and education programs
  • Auditorium with glass wall cantilevering over the channel
  • Learning grotto and science laboratories

Engagement Center

View from school bus drop-off point

Engagement Center

The grotto with view of the channel

Engagement Center

Exhibitions, classrooms and science labs

Engagement Center

Auditorium with glass wall cantilevered over channel

DISCLAIMER: AltaSea designs are conceptual and are in the process of obtaining entitlements approvals, permitting and final Port of Los Angeles review and adoption.

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