Sustainable Economy Alliance

AltaSea has launched BlueSEA, a 360° support ecosystem for blue economy businesses; a place where innovators can start, grow and scale.

Located on a 35-acre historic pier at the Port of Los Angeles, BlueSEA is a collaboration incubator where ocean innovators work together to create solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.  We offer state-of-the-art makerspace infrastructure for R&D, prototype, pilot, demo, commercialization and a strong voice with policymakers.

The cutting edge 400,000 square foot campus provides unparalleled access to the deep ocean, more than 4,000 feet of linear dock space, circulating seawater and marine life support systems, laboratories, research facilities and hands-on educational and job skills development areas.

One-Stop-Shop:  START + GROW + SCALE

BlueSEA provides business assistance, support and investment platforms for innovators and entrepreneurs who seek to develop, grow and scale their blue businesses in the renewable energy, regenerative aquaculture and blue technology sectors.

BlueSEA connects businesses with world class research institutions, strategic business partners, funders and investors, new markets and clusters, key government regulators and the press for maximum market adoption and traction.

It’s All Here

Collaborative Makerspace*

  • 35-acre ocean waterfront campus on a historic pier
  • 4,100 linear feet of waterfront dock and wharf space
  • Direct harbor and open ocean access
  • Berths, Wharfs, Docks, Dive Lockers, Boat Moorage
  • Wet Labs/Tanks, Dry Labs
  • Drone Test Pads
  • Seawater Systems, Aquarium and Mesocosms
  • 3D Printing
  • Machinery & Infrastructure
  • 2MW Photovoltaic Solar Canopy

*In development




    We partner compatible, complementary innovations for coordinated application and swift commercial adoption….A wave energy technology is paired with an ocean energy storage technology to form a complete marketable product, ready for adoption….  We facilitate the transfer of deployed technologies into new market applications.



    Innovators have access to AltaSea’s science and technical facilities and infrastructure to validate their product/process, design their pilot study, develop their prototype, and demonstrate their work.  Innovators are mentored by leading University R&D scientists and technologists from UCS, UCLA, Scripps, SCMI, and AltaSea partners.



    Our global commercial supply chain pipeline ecosystem is ever expanding and includes Boeing, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Port of Los Angeles, Toyota,  American Honda Foundation,  Edison International, So Cal Gas, Air Products, and more.



    We provide intel and support with government grants, fundraising readiness, and appropriate introductions to private, public and NGO funders and investors.  Program members are also eligible to apply for funding from our AltaSea BlueTech Innovation Fund (ABIF).

AltaSea Business Alliance

BlueSEA partner companies will have access to the AltaSea Advisory Board

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