Sustainable Economy Alliance

The Blue Sustainable Economy Alliance (BlueSEA) is a business support program for innovators who are scaling businesses in ocean industries. Through the BlueSEA program, AltaSea connects businesses with world class research institutions, strategic business partners, funders and investors, key government regulators and the press for maximum market adoption and traction.

BlueSEA generates equitable economic growth by recruiting and supporting partners in our innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, develops coalitions to champion emerging ocean technologies that mitigate climate change, and supports blue businesses through connection with accelerators, incubators, and funders.

It’s All Here

Collaborative Makerspace*

  • 35-acre ocean waterfront campus on a historic pier*
  • 4,100 linear feet of waterfront dock and wharf space
  • Direct harbor and open ocean access
  • Berths, Wharfs, Docks, Dive Lockers, Boat Moorage
  • Wet Labs/Tanks, Dry Labs
  • Drone Test Pads
  • Seawater Systems, Aquarium and Mesocosms
  • 2MW Photovoltaic Solar Canopy

*Under Renovation


As construction of the AltaSea campus at the Port of LA continues, there are two pathways to joining the BlueSEA program:

Become an On-site Partner at AltaSea: There are short-term and long-term options available, ranging from technology exhibition in the AltaSea Center for Innovation to commercial research and operations space to project-based staging areas. The AltaSea campus provides unparalleled access to the deep ocean, more than 4,000 feet of linear dock space, circulating seawater and marine life support systems, laboratory and research facilities, as well as hands-on educational and job skills development areas. With the AltaSea Campus advantages, a strong partnership with the Port of LA, and co-location with other ocean entrepreneurs and researchers, on-site partners at AltaSea gain unique efficiencies and collaboration opportunities. 

Join a Coalition: AltaSea convenes three blue business coalition clusters (regenerative ocean farming, renewable energy, and blue technology) to promote public advocacy, workforce development and community engagement activities. In addition to gaining access to policy makers, networking opportunities among peers, and connections to strategic partners, coalition members joining at certain tiers receive tailored business assistance support.





AltaSea Business Alliance

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