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AltaSea is a unique model for ocean-related solutions.

Through a bold plan conceived in concert with the community, AltaSea is making a lasting mark on the future of Los Angeles and the planet through a unique public-private ocean institute that joins together the best and brightest in exploration, science, business and education.  The emphasis on creating public-private collaborations sets the organization apart.  It is from these intersections that innovation is born, and from innovation comes groundbreaking impact.

Areas of Engagement

AltaSea will create focal points of collaboration by initially focusing on the oceanic fields of Aquaculture and Blue Technology.  This approach allows a cluster of business, science and education to be formed at AltaSea around each category.


AltaSea convenes and supports the world’s finest marine scientists as they conduct breakthrough research and discover solutions such as energy supply, climate change and global food security.


AltaSea nurtures new and existing businesses that commercialize scientific breakthroughs and emerging technologies to create ocean-related products, services and jobs.


AltaSea ignites passion and learning with pioneering programs that immerse children and adults in the critical role that the ocean has for our planet.

Aquaculture Cluster

With a global population expected to reach nine-billion by 2050, it is imperative that we develop responsible, sustainable food sources that do not deplete natural resources or damage the environment.  Aquaculture, or aquatic farming, is a growing sector poised to generate valuable solutions for the planet and humankind.  The Sustainable Aquaculture Cluster at AltaSea will be at the forefront of developing ocean-related solutions to the critical challenges of food security and environmental sustainability.  Within this cluster, scientists, entrepreneurs and educators will work together to conduct scientific research, explore emerging technologies, nurture both knowledge and action among the next generation and cultivate the development of commercial sustainable aqua-farms in United States waters.

Blue Tech Cluster

Solutions to global challenges such as energy supply and climate change will be found in the ocean and our need to comprehend it has never been greater.  However, experts say only five percent of the ocean has been adequately studied.  The Blue Tech Cluster at AltaSea will help advance solutions to a wide range of ocean challenges where experts utilize underwater robotic technology for remote monitoring, sensing and ocean exploration.  Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomously operated vehicles (AOVs) will be developed, built, tested and launched at AltaSea.  The impact of these technological advances will be extended even further through unique STEM education programs and internships for students, the commercialization of scientific breakthroughs and advisement to policymakers on relevant issue areas.

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