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AltaSea is a unique model for ocean-related solutions.

Built on a 35-acre campus, we bring together leaders in science, business and education to generate innovative solutions to global challenges of human and environmental sustainability. From feeding the earth’s growing population to providing long-term employment and ocean-related careers, AltaSea’s potential is endless.

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Clusters: Issues of Interest at AltaSea

AltaSea is about business, science and education coming together to do more than what can be accomplished within any one of those hubs independently. It is from these intersections of people and industries that innovation is born, and from innovation comes groundbreaking impact.

AltaSea’s cluster activities are driven by connections across our three hubs: science, business and education — with an emphasis on intersections and collaboration that sets the organization apart.

The Aquaculture Cluster and the Blue Tech Cluster comprise AltaSea’s initial issues of interest. These two clusters create focal points around specific issue areas and exemplify the advancements that can take place at the intersection of science, business and education.

Cluster diagram

The Aquaculture Cluster

The Aquaculture Cluster at AltaSea will be at the forefront of developing ocean-centered solutions to the critical challenges of food security and environmental sustainability.

By advancing sustainable aquaculture initiatives and businesses, AltaSea is taking a leadership role in creating an environment that minimizes environmental impacts and avoids conflicts with other ocean users, such as commercial fishermen and renewable energy developers.

Catalina Sea Ranch,  which established the first offshore shellfish ranch in US federal waters and has secured a permit from the US Corps of Engineers to establish an aquaculture facility on the San Pedro shelf off the coast of Los Angeles, will be our first business partner.

The Blue Tech Cluster

Blue Tech at AltaSea will serve as a focal point for collaboration and innovation across science, business and education. Within this cluster, experts will work to develop technology for remote monitoring, sensing and ocean exploration.

From Vision to Implementation

Vision to Implementation

2016 Accomplishments

AltaSea unveiled the stunning architectural renderings for its 35-acre “campus for innovation.” The campus, designed by renowned firm Gensler, has already won the LABC Conceptual Design Award, Westside Urban Forum citation and Architectural Digest named AltaSea one of the nine “most exciting new projects” in Los Angeles.

AltaSea and the Port of Los Angeles received a $3 million grant from the Economic Development Administration for infrastructure improvements that will support the work of AltaSea’s current partners, attract new partners and facilitate AltaSea’s vision of how these businesses and organizations will collaborate and share resources.

AltaSea welcomed new major donors and foundations to its community of supporters, including the Roy & Patricia Disney Family Foundation, The J.M. Kaplan Fund and the Leonetti O’Connell Family Foundation.

AltaSea took possession and began renovation of the first 80,000 square feet of warehouse and wharf space for the founding Sustainable Aquaculture and Blue Tech Clusters.

AltaSea and Boeing have executed a planning Memorandum of Understanding and we are working to assess opportunities to support Boeing’s Echo Voyager vessel, including the possibility of a phased occupancy here with a small footprint by the end of 2016’s calendar year.

AltaSea’s partner Catalina Sea Ranch took occupancy in Berth 58 as our anchor tenant in the Sustainable Aquaculture Cluster.

AltaSea expanded its partnership with the pioneering ocean explorer Dr. Bob Ballard and his organization Ocean Exploration Trust (OET), providing STEM education programs to middle schools in the Central, East and South Districts of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

AltaSea’s partnership with OET has also led Dr. Ballard to choose AltaSea for the winter home of his research vessel, E/V Nautilus.

AltaSea has executed 12 new planning Memorandums of Understanding with partners and potential tenants, expanding AltaSea’s network of collaborators and innovators in science, business and education.

Dr. Sandra Whitehouse was named AltaSea’s Chief Scientific Officer, bringing her highly respected Global Oceans expertise to the organization.

Robin Aube joined the AltaSea leadership team as the Development Manager.

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