Project Blue

Inspiring the next generation for a sustainable blue future.

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AltaSea’s Project Blue offers students a voice in supporting Los Angeles as the center of the Blue Economy, an initiative to protect the ecosystem of the ocean and turn to it as a resource for solving challenges such as climate change, energy supply, and food security.

This multifaceted approach provides online educational resources; encourages students towards jobs in the Blue Economy; and increases youth access to arts and culture.


Marine Energy

The curricula will include an introduction to wave and wind marine energy; provide a basic framework of what constitutes energy production at sea; and offer interactive activities including building a prototype wave powered electricity generator.


Exploration is key to increasing our understanding of the ocean, so we can more effectively manage, conserve, regulate, and use ocean resources that are vital to our economy and to all of our lives.


Immerse students in the growing sustainable aquaculture industry beginning with an
overview of aquaculture science and economics, and continuing to explore sustainability,
engineering, genomics, cryogenics, water quality and food security.

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*Curriculum also available in Spanish*

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Los Angeles Unified School District

Animo Leadership High School

King Drew Magnet School

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Point Fermin Elementary School

Lakewood High School

Markham Middle School

Ritter Elementary School

Santee Education Complex High School

Oscar De La Hoya Animo High School

San Pedro High School

Cabrillo Ave. Elementary School

Port of Los Angeles High School

Willenberg Career and Transition Center

99th Street Elementary School

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California State University – Dominguez Hills

Santa Monica College

Elon University

University of Southern California School of Engineering

Los Angeles Harbor College

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Al Wooten Youth Center

Ready to Succeed – LA

Boys & Girls Club of LA Harbor

Strength Based Community Change (SBCC)

Change the Tune

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