AltaSea Supporters

Thank you to the generous supporters who have contributed to AltaSea’s capital campaign, educational programming and operating expenses.

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Baxter Family Foundation

Tim Kamberg Leback & Stasia Washington

Morton La Kretz

Melanie and Richard Lundquist

Tim and Connie McOsker

Cindy Miscikowski

Barbra Streisand

Doors to the Future

Doors to the Future donors support capital improvements and educational programming at AltaSea.  Their names appear on the highly visible storefront doors leading to the Center for Innovation which houses Dr. Ballard’s Ocean Exploration Trust, Boeing, the La Kretz Blue Economy Incubator start-ups and our sustainable aquaculture cluster.

Andeavor Foundation
Wayne Blank
Council District 15
Tim and Neda Disney
Emmett Foundation
Glaser Weil
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
Geraldine Knatz
Morton La Kretz

Stairs to the Future

Stairs to the Future donors support capital improvements and educational programming at AltaSea.  Their names appear on the stairs leading into the Innovation Center at Warehouse 58. 

Carol and Leonard Davids
Tim Disney
Beneficial State Bank
The Boat Yard
The Herzer Family Foundation
Cynthia Hirschhorn
The Holland Partner Group
Malaga Bank
In Honor of Pat Means
Alex Rose and Mary Ann King
San Pedro Brewing Company
Kim and Joel Sill
Sony Foundation
Townsend Family
Westrec Marina

UrgentSEA Supporters

UrgentSEA donors support AltaSea’s annual fund.  For more information on membership benefits, click here.

$1,000 +
Adams Cowan Foundation
The Atlas Family Foundation
Dr. Richard Berendzen
Yvonne Bogdanovich and Family
Mary Duthie Callaway
Todd Congelliere
Cotsen Foundation for the Art of Teaching
CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles
Sauli Danpour and Xyvest Holdings
Dean Haney
Brian and Mary Anne Hishinuma
Inspire Charter Schools
Alan and Liz Johnson
Doane Liu
Raul Morales
Charuni P. Patibanda
In Memory of Ann Peak
Tina and John Quinn
Tara Roth
Andrew Silber
Nicholas G. Tonsich
Camilla Townsend
Michele and Christopher Townsend
Mike Watt
Peter M. Weil
Cindy and Jake Winebaum
Stephen E. Wright

$2,500 +
Cabrillo Way Marina
Krusoe Family
Malaga Bank



$5,000 +
The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation
Geraldine Knatz
Joel Sill
Gregor and Clayton Verbinski

$10,000 +
Ambassador Frank Baxter
Beneficial State Bank
David Colburn
Jennifer and Barry Crosthwaite
Neda and Tim Disney
Cynthia Hirschhorn
Corinne R. Keenan
Tina Kimberg Lebeck
Russ and Charlotte Lesser
Tim and Connie McOsker
Wendy and Barry Meyer
Wright Montgomery Charitable Fund
Charles W. Steinmetz
Greg Thorpe
Stasia Washington

"AltaSea is the perfect manifestation of Los Angeles’ historic role as a global hub of innovation and economic transformation." - Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

AltaSea has strong support from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Read his letter here.

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