By Jenny Krusoe

Though oceans cover about three-fourths of the world, we know far too little about this great remaining frontier of Planet Earth. That’s why it’s vital that we encourage more research, education and innovation regarding the ocean here at the doorstep of Los Angeles.

AltaSea has partnered with the Ocean Exploration Trust, Catalina Sea Ranch, Blue Robotics and the Los Angeles Maritime Institute to train the #bluetech creators and researchers of the future. We’re jointly seeking an #LA2050 grant from the Goldhirsh Foundation to provide teaching and learning opportunities about the ocean as part of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) programs in Los Angeles schools.

As part of the foundation’s grant-application process, AltaSea and its partners need to show community support for our proposal. That means we need your help.

Vote at this site for our joint project between today, Oct. 18, and Oct. 25:

Your support and your vote are essential as we work together to create a STEM curriculum in Los Angeles that supports the exploration and understanding of one of our greatest resources, the ocean. Thanks for all your help.

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