AltaSea Applauds the Center for the Blue Economy

There are many organizations fighting for a better earth and a better future.  One of these is the Center for the Blue Economy at Middlebury Institute.  Their mission is to promote a sustainable, resilient ocean and coastal economy (the “Blue Economy”) through leadership in research, analysis, and education.  Their research focuses on the economics of climate change adaptation in coastal regions and helping organizations manage the changing nature of economic relationships with the oceans and coasts.

Recently, the Center for the Blue Economy partnered with Blue Frontier to address a need to put oceans and coasts front and center in climate solutions.  While there are calls to rally around a “Green New Deal,” those calls must also rally around a “Blue New Deal.”  These two organizations have created the Ocean Climate Action Plan to provide a template for some of the first ocean climate legislation and policy actions in U.S. history.

In April, the Center for the Blue Economy and Blue Frontier hosted a webinar that examined the issues addressed by the Ocean Climate Action Plan with a focus on the importance of the ocean in climate solutions and the importance of climate preparedness to the U.S. Economy.  With the webinar attracting over 700 viewers from all over the world, speakers outlined the four parts of the Ocean Climate Action Plan:

– Financing & Coastal Adaptation (Financing mechanisms for coastal adaptation in the context of social justice)

– Fisheries, Aquaculture, and Marine Biodiversity Conservation (Climate adaptation solutions in fisheries and aquaculture, including adaptive MPAs)

– Offshore Renewable Energy (The challenges facing offshore clean energy and onshore links, including ocean zoning)

– Ports & the Maritime Sector (Greening ports and shipping and decarbonizing other maritime industries) 

With consideration of input from attendees, the next draft of the Ocean Climate Action Plan will be translated into legislative and policy language at state and federal levels.  The Center for the Blue Economy and Blue Frontier will also continue to build support for ocean climate bills in Congress through media campaigns, opinion pieces, and relying on the public to spread the message. 

AltaSea is proud to be working with the Center for the Blue Economy.  We understand that the ocean has the solutions to many of the current challenges.  We also work to keep moving policy changes forward and are proud to support actions that do so.  People are excited to take on this challenge as it means a better world not only for them, but also for the generations to come.  Through our own programs, such as live chats, webinars, and education programs, AltaSea works to instruct students and support innovators. 

As stated by the Center for the Blue Economy: The climate emergency is an ocean emergency.  There is no time to waste.

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