It’s been quite a year for AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles.  Earlier this year we sent you updates on the first half of 2021, and we have only continued our success in the last half of the year.  AltaSea is proud to end 2021 with such strong momentum. A few highlights are below:

AltaSea received $6 million in funding from the State of California which was matched by $6 million from the Port of Los Angeles. This will allow us to begin construction of the Berth 58 Center of Innovation!

AltaSea is now home to the University of Southern California Seaweed Lab, led by AltaSea and USC professor Dr. Sergey Nuzhdin.

Photo credit: Cheryl Ogden

KTLA news featured AltaSea on a recent broadcast highlighting our efforts working towards a sustainable ocean and world.

Our annual fundraiser, Blue Hourexpanded our AltaSea network and family while bringing in funds for our education programs.

In fact, all of our success really works towards serving our larger goal and ensuring that we connect with the next generation through education and outreach. This education and outreach includes:

AltaSea partner, the Ocean Exploration Trust, introduced their future Operations Center which will be housed in AltaSea’s Berth 58.

Designs were approved for a demonstration aquafarm built by Pacific Mariculture off the AltaSea wharf.

AltaSea hosted our first Open House since the beginning of the pandemic featuring AltaSea partners, Braid Theory and Blue Robotics.

Students were introduced to a working, professional aquafarming lab at AltaSea. This was the culmination of a 10-week in-school course on sustainable aquaculture taught by USC aquaculture graduate students under the oversight of AltaSea.

Photo credit: Cheryl Ogden

In partnership with 32 STEM organizations, Expand LA reaches over 28,000 LAUSD students per semester through in-school classes and afterschool enrichment. Here, AltaSea and the Los Angeles Maritime Institute introduce students to the Los Angeles Port Complex through Coasting With Maddy, a semester-long series of interviews between Maddy and leaders from Blue Economy organizations.

AltaSea compiled a series of informative blogs exploring the Blue Economy and the future of our oceans.  This compendium is available as part of our ocean education resources.

It has been an amazing year! As we approach the close of 2021, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to AltaSea. Keep the momentum going! Together, we can make 2022 the best year yet.

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