AltaSea's Annual Blue Hour to Honor Women Stewards of the Ocean

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles is proud to announce its fourth annual Blue Hour fundraiser, an event that connects science, culture, and community by combining art and technology to tell the story of and raise awareness for the emerging blue economy.

“We are thrilled to present the fourth annual Blue Hour, bringing a captivating fusion of art, technology, and culture to celebrate the ocean’s beauty and resilience, while also raising awareness for the urgent need for its conservation”

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Blue Hour: Above and Below will celebrate both local and global trailblazers who are paving the path for innovation in the blue economy, as well as feature over 20 local artists. The event will take place on October 14, with doors opening at 5 PM for the art gallery and the awards ceremony starting at 7 PM. For more information and tickets, please visit:


The Host Committee for AltaSea’s fourth annual Blue Hour includes former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger; renowned ocean explorers Sylvia Earle, Dr. Bob Ballard, and Ashlan and Phillippe Cousteau; and nonprofit leader Barbara Stanton.


In line with this year’s theme of “Women Stewarding the Ocean,” AltaSea will recognize four women who have made remarkable contributions to the blue economy:

  • Explorer Award: Kim Butts, Avatar Alliance Foundation
  • Innovation Award: Inna Braverman, founder & CEO of Eco Wave Power
  • NextGen Award: Dr. Patricia Ramos, Dean of Academic Affairs at Santa Monica College
  • Cornerstone Award: Camilla Townsend, AltaSea Founding Chair

Sponsored by Air Products, City National Bank, SoCal Gas, and others, Blue Hour: Above and Below will feature a captivating display of art installations spread throughout Berth 57 – a 45,000 square foot warehouse turned temporary art gallery. The artwork will be curated by world-renowned artist Kim Abeles, who has dedicated her career to promoting social and environmental justice through her work displayed at countless museums across the United States. The curated art experience will feature artists Cesar & Lois, Cynthia Minet, Danielle Eubank, Patsy Cox, and many more. A full list of artists – along with some previews of the art – can be found on the Blue Hour website.


“We are thrilled to present the fourth annual Blue Hour, bringing a captivating fusion of art, technology, and culture to celebrate the ocean’s beauty and resilience, while also raising awareness for the urgent need for its conservation,” said AltaSea President & CEO Terry Tamminen. “Art is one of the most powerful mediums to connect people with nature and ignite a passion for marine conservation, which will help grow the blue economy and pave the way for a more sustainable future for the world.”


Also sponsoring the event are Eco Wave Power, Enlyst Fund, Drive N’ Surf, The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation, Athens Services, Eco Equity, Beneficial State Bank, and The Jankovich Company.


The funds raised by Blue Hour supports AltaSea’s Project Blue, which provides educational programs to students throughout Los Angeles, giving them an opportunity to learn about the vast opportunities within the blue economy – from marine conservation to underwater robotics and clean energy.


Background on the four honorees:

  • Kim Butts, Creative Director of the Avatar Alliance Foundation (AAF), will accept the Explorer Award on AAF’s behalf. The foundation, founded and funded by Academy Award and Golden Globe Award-winning director James Cameron, takes action on a wide range of sustainability issues, including climate change, ocean conservation, and energy policy. With her work spanning multiple media forms, Butts created and designed “Mission Ocean,” an oceans visualization with a realtime exploration component for TED in support of AAF’s grantee, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and philanthropic partner, OCEANX. Through her work as a documentary filmmaker, Butts has produced ocean and climate-focused projects, including “What Would the Ocean Say?,” Emmy Award-winning “Secrets of the Whales,” and Disney+’s “Super/Natural” series.
  • Inna Braverman, the founder and CEO of Eco Wave Power, will accept the Innovation Award. Eco Wave Power is a pioneering company utilizing ocean waves to generate grid-connected clean energy. Inna’s personal journey of surviving the Chernobyl nuclear disaster has fueled her commitment to developing sustainable energy solutions. Her company will soon commence installment of the nation’s first-ever onshore wave energy pilot station at AltaSea’s campus. Previous recipients of this award include Robert Downey Jr.’s FootPrint Coalition and Esri’s Chief Scientist Dr. Dawn Wright, the first and only Black person to dive to Challenger Deep, the deepest point on Earth.
  • Dr. Patricia Ramos is the recipient of the NextGen Award, recognizing her influential leadership in forging partnerships with stakeholders to ensure Santa Monica College’s career education aligns with LA’s evolving workforce needs. Dr. Ramos’ passion for securing meaningful collaborations will help build the next generation workforce for the blue economy. Through her leadership, Santa Monica College is partnering with AltaSea to create post-secondary certificate and degree programs across many disciplines in the blue economy, including aquaculture. A six-course aquaculture certificate program is expected to launch later this year.
  • Camilla Townsend will be honored with the Cornerstone Award for her exceptional contributions to AltaSea as an Emeritus Founding Board Member and a lifelong educator. Townsend served the City of Los Angeles and the Harbor community in many capacities as a professional educator, volunteer, and civic leader. Her leadership and vision were instrumental in establishing Project Blue, fostering community connections, and advancing the organization’s mission.

About AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles

AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, located on 35 acres at North America’s leading seaport by both container volume and cargo value, is dedicated to accelerating scientific collaboration, advancing an emerging blue economy through business innovation and job creation, and inspiring the next generation, all for a more sustainable, just, and equitable world.

For more information on AltaSea, please visit:


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