Incubator for Ocean Exploration Companies Docks at Port of Los Angeles
June 28, 2020

BY ZARINA KHAIRZADA SAN PEDRO PUBLISHED 11:31 AM ET JUN. 25, 2020 UPDATED 11:51 AM ET JUN. 25, 2020   PORT OF LOS ANGELES – Calm waters near the docks at the Port of Los Angeles have become a gateway for startups like Rustom Jehangir’s Blue …

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5 Ways the Ocean Can Save the Planet
June 8, 2020

Less than a year ago, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change communicated to policy makers that the health of the ocean was suffering from global warming.  But the ocean, is not a victim, and it does not benefit …

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AltaSea Advances the UN Sustainable Development Goals
May 22, 2020

With unprecedented speed the COVID-19 crisis has pushed humanity to focus on our future. In a matter of weeks, people everywhere have altered nearly every aspect of their daily lives. Now, as the world slowly begins the long way back …

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