Planet Ocean: Earth’s last frontier (Engineering and Technology)
July 22, 2019

With most of the ocean seabed unmapped, Earth’s last frontier of terrestrial discovery has become a focus of activity for explorers, scientists, cartographers and environmentalists. Ask any explorer what there is left to explore and, apart from the vast cosmos …

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AltaSea: Trending – November 14, 2018
November 12, 2018

A monthly round-up of news and trends important to the AltaSea community. MARINE SCIENCE Huge Cluster of Octopuses Observed Southwest of Monterey (KQED) AltaSea partner, Ocean Exploration Trust and their research vessel E/V Nautilus are in the news. It was at …

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Helping Abalone Stick Around: New Initiative Tracks Endangered and Prized Mollusks
February 2, 2017

By Jenny Krusoe Two species of abalone are trying to make a comeback from near extinction, but their future as an important part of Southern California’s seascape remains uncertain. To gauge how well the black abalone and white abalone have …

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