Introducing The Radical Undersea Journey of Mr. Dude

by Vipe Desai, Author and AltaSea Ambassador 

In this book, Mr. Dude is in for an awakening – rude, important, and life-changing.  The Radical Undersea Journey of Mr. Dude is a children’s book that tells the tale, beginning with the local surf hero’s eco-unfriendly exploits and leading into the momentous day on which he finds himself transformed into a fish.  As a fish, Mr. Dude sees firsthand just how tremendous is the destruction he has sewn.  A fun and impactful adventure, this is one that I am confident will inspire loving hearts and real action, encouraging the next generation to do what is right for our planet by cultivating a sense of awareness and responsibility with regards to our roles in the world.

It is up to all of us to act as stewards for our planet.  The oceans have reached a critical point in their health, suffering far too long from our nonchalance and ignorance.  Widespread destructive habits cannot go on forever, and, before it is too late, we need to take major, sustained action toward protecting our precious environment.  Local surf hero Mr. Dude may come across as less-than-heroic before his aquatic transformation, but he represents behaviors and mindsets that are common to the point of universality.

You could be saying, “But that isn’t me!  I don’t use plastic straws or plastic bags.”  That’s great! If you are already doing the right things, then I applaud you.  By and large though, humans everywhere are wreaking havoc on our planet because they refuse to see the writing on the wall.  Education is the answer, and changing one heart and one mind at a time, The Radical Undersea Journey of Mr. Dude can play a big part in moving towards smart solutions that begin in the home.

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About the Author

My name is Vipe Desai, and in addition to writing, I also serve as a Board Member for the Ocean Institute, Ocean Champions, and recently founded Vote The Ocean.  I have been involved with ocean conservation for more than 30 years but it’s the last eight that have been most meaningful.  After the birth of my son, I wanted to make sure that I helped him to understand why we need to live an eco-friendly life.  It’s these past eight years of his life that I’ve come to understand that conversations around protecting our ocean are the most meaningful. Fostering this conversation has made me realize that we have to raise children from the get-go with values that respect our planet; ingraining these good values in our children begins at home.

That is what this book is all about: doing what I know is right and inspiring others to do the same.

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