Energy for Our Future – Solar Stars

By Emily Vidovich. Emily has a background in environmental journalism and sustainability and is a member of the George Washington University Class of 2019.

This month, AltaSea launched a new campaign to support the construction of its campus as well as the expansion of the workforce development program Ocean Pathways. The campaign, entitled Energy for Our Future – Solar Stars, was inspired by the 4,753 solar panels that are currently being installed on the roof of AltaSea’s Center for Innovation.

According to AltaSea president and CEO Terry Tamminen, the installation of the solar panels is a moment of celebration for the nonprofit, because it actualizes AltaSea’s commitment to powering its facilities in the Port of Los Angeles through renewable energy. 

“A sustainable future depends on energy from above-ground sources, not polluting, finite resources that should stay buried beneath the ground,” Tamminen said. 

“Wind, solar, wave, biomass, and other clean, renewable, and unlimited forms of energy are among the greatest gifts of nature. We now have the practical, affordable technology to make the most of it.”

Since AltaSea centers its work around the Port of Los Angeles community, the renewable energy project bears additional significance since it will generate enough electricity not only to sustain the AltaSea campus, but also to power 700 nearby homes.

AltaSea’s Solar Stars campaign goal is to raise $500,000 by December 31st, and all donors get to have one of the new solar panels named in their honor. The entire array of nearly 5,000 solar panels is available to be named by donors. Every donation will also be matched dollar for dollar thanks to the generous support of Melanie and Richard Lundquist. 

In keeping with the theme of Solar Stars, each donor’s name of choice will also be placed on a star, constellation, or galaxy within an artistic rendering of the night sky. This extraterrestrial piece of art will decorate the main entrance of the Center for Innovation, with each star representing one of the solar panels creating renewable energy on AltaSea’s roof.

Naming opportunities are available in increments starting at $1,000 and going up to $100,000. If you would like more information about contributing to this initiative, please contact

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