Dear Friends,

Today is World Oceans Day. While a healthy ocean remains a vital path towards a better world, the world is only better if the people in it are recognized, valued, and supported.

The AltaSea Board and Staff are committed to anti-racist values, believe Black Lives Matter, and we pledge to focus our energies on real change in our organization and activities to advance social justice. We commit ourselves to values of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Recent events put a harsh, but truthful, spotlight on the need to actively combat racism and heal this country. To the people of color in our local, state and national communities, we hear your voices; we are listening to your words; and we see your faces.

We are dedicated to change. Change means creating, through actions, a more sustainable, just and equitable world. Together we can meet this moment and we will settle for nothing less than a society where all are respected and live as equals.

Thank you,

Tim McOsker

CEO, AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles

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