AltaSea: Beacon – October 23, 2020

This year has been challenging for everyone, with issues ranging from personal and environment health to societal justice. But challenges are meant to be faced and overcome. As AltaSea adjusted to and met the issues facing us, 2020 became a year of growth and expansion.

Responding to calls for justice, AltaSea updated its mission to highlight inclusivity and, as a part of that, a commitment to inspire the next generation for a more sustainable, just, and equitable world. This meant an increased and expanded outreach to those traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. Female and minority populations are untapped sources of talent that can advance and meet the country’s workforce needs in science. AltaSea is dedicated to promoting inclusivity in the emerging, sustainable Blue Economy.

In response to the global pandemic, and as a way to provide science curriculum for all students and adults staying Safer at Home, AltaSea launched Project Blue. Through live chats, webinars, and ocean science curriculum, we have provided a resource that gives the next generation a window into the Blue Economy’s science and innovations. In partnerships with the Mayor’s Fund LA, Project Blue’s work continues as AltaSea joins over 20 Los Angeles STEM organizations in virtually-teaching science to 35,000 students this fall semester through in-school and afterschool enrichment.

Nick Souza Photography

Just this month, AltaSea took an audacious step to host our first major fundraiser, The Blue Hour. It was a unique drive‐in experience that focused on Los Angeles as the global capital of Blue Economy and benefited ocean science education for our next generation. Attracting guests in over 200 vehicles, we honored those who have paved the way for AltaSea and those who will continue to forge new paths. Here is a video featuring highlights of the evening, including Deep Map, an art installation on the Battleship Iowa telling the history of ocean mapping. The centerpiece of this evening was an original video about the wonders, dangers, and solutions to be found at sea. This moving and evocative Story of the Ocean can be accessed here.

While 2020 is coming to an end, many of the changes it has brought on will remain, and AltaSea will continue to adapt and move forward to fulfil our mission. Please remember AltaSea in your end of year giving. The ocean needs AltaSea, and AltaSea needs you.

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