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Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Energizes 4-Acre Rooftop Solar Installation at AltaSea


On April 21, Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, AltaSea CEO Terry Tamminen, AltaSea Board Member Dr. Melanie Lundquist, and LA City Councilman Tim McOsker joined AltaSea to celebrate the completion of AltaSea’s 4-acre rooftop array. This is another historic milestone in AltaSea’s history, as the blue technology hub becomes the largest ocean R&D facility to be powered by renewable energy. The installation will provide enough energy to power AltaSea’s 35-acre campus, sending its excess energy to the grid. The energy generated from the panels is enough to power 700 homes!


“This is what we need to do all over the state of California…we can do it!” – Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger


Former Governor Schwarzenegger and Terry Tamminen (who served as Schwarzenegger’s CalEPA Secretary and chief policy advisor during his time as Governor) were the architects of many of California’s groundbreaking environmental initiatives, including California’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, the Hydrogen Highway Network, and the Million Solar Roofs initiative.


A huge thank you to all who participated!


AltaSea Board Member Dr. Melanie Lundquist

USC Schwarzenegger Institute

FOX 11 News: Arnold Schwarzenegger visits new solar panel installation in San Pedro

Daily Breeze: Former Gov. Schwarzenegger flips on AltaSea’s giant rooftop solar panels

Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, AltaSea President and CEO Terry Tamminen, AltaSea EVP and COO Jenny Krusoe

LA City Council Representative for CD-15 and former AltaSea CEO Tim McOsker with Former Governor Schwarzenegger and AltaSea President and Tamminen in the background.


Inglewood High School marching band




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Solar Star Initiative


The Solar Star Initiative is your chance to help us harness nature’s energy gift. These funds will give critical support for AltaSea’s operations during construction and help AltaSea expand our workforce development education program, Ocean Pathways.
Please consider naming a star, constellation, or galaxy. You will be recognized on an artist-designed map of the evening sky located at the main entrance of the Center of Innovation for the next 10 years. Each star you name represents one of our 4,753 solar panels on the Center’s new roof.


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