In spite of social distancing and quarantining requirements of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, scientists from Geoscience Australia, the University of Sydney, and the Queensland Museum, led ­by Dr. Robin Beaman of James Cook University, have succeeded in conducting unprecedented coral reef mapping and gathering vital environmental data from the depths of the Queensland Plateau off […]

Cover Art: Recipe for Action (still). PSA animation: Yoo Jung Hong. Graphic design: Makena Janssen. Courtesy of the artists.   The ocean is the life source of our planet and vital for healthy human societies and a thriving world economy. Over-fishing, marine pollution, and climate change threaten to undermine the environmental health and economic vitality of the ocean […]

By Todd Michaels Not sure how our ocean and our lives are connected? The sea is our lifeline, producing more than half the world’s oxygen and absorbing 50 times more carbon dioxide than our atmosphere. It provides renewable energy as well as food security. We need to do everything in our power to protect this […]

One of the chief ways a healthy ocean can help mitigate the effects of climate change is through its ability to trap carbon, a process often referred to as “carbon sequestration.”  Carbon trapped in ocean stores is referred to as “blue carbon”.  Scientists are interested in increasing and developing those stores and creating the potential […]

By Dr. Greg Stone and Dr. T. Suka Mangisi Scientists believe life began in the ocean. It now acts as the bloodstream for the planet; global flows of saltwater moving in currents — north and south, cold and warm — mixing nutrients and turning the sun’s energy into food while ensuring our climate remains hospitable […]

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The ocean plays a major role in the survival of our planet for well-known reasons, such as the ability to slow global warming by trapping harmful carbon compounds or the ability to release vast quantities of oxygen.  But if the ocean fails, our health will be affected in direct and indirect ways.  Regardless of whether […]

BY ZARINA KHAIRZADA SAN PEDRO PUBLISHED 11:31 AM ET JUN. 25, 2020 UPDATED 11:51 AM ET JUN. 25, 2020   PORT OF LOS ANGELES – Calm waters near the docks at the Port of Los Angeles have become a gateway for startups like Rustom Jehangir’s Blue Robotics to test out their remotely operated vehicles and underwater drones like their BlueROV2. Jehangir’s company […]

By Michaela Johnson Climate change has been a hot topic over the past decade. Many scientific groups and activists have made projections for climate change in the future. One of these projections is that by 2030 the global temperature will increase by 1.5 degrees Celsius. Over the past decade, we have been unable to halt […]

Palos Verdes Pulse Slightly less than a decade ago, Geraldine Knatz, former Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles, asked Leonard Aube, former Executive Director of the Annenberg Foundation, to evaluate and seed fund a proposal of moving the Southern California Marine Institute (SCMI) to the Port’s City Dock No. 1.  Through these discussions […]

The temperature of the planet is on the rise.  As scientists look for ways to prevent global warming, and some oil companies scramble to develop renewable energy sources, like wind technology, fingers are increasingly pointed towards other factors that contribute to global warming, one of which is the cow.  We love cows, but they pose […]

There are many organizations fighting for a better earth and a better future.  One of these is the Center for the Blue Economy at Middlebury Institute.  Their mission is to promote a sustainable, resilient ocean and coastal economy (the “Blue Economy”) through leadership in research, analysis, and education.  Their research focuses on the economics of climate […]

A monthly round-up of news and trends important to the AltaSea community. UPCOMING EVENTS Live Chats (AltaSea) AltaSea has scheduled some exciting Live Chats over the coming weeks.  We hope you will join us for one or all!  To sign up for these free online events, please follow the links below. Live Chat with Dr. […]

Less than a year ago, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change communicated to policy makers that the health of the ocean was suffering from global warming.  But the ocean, is not a victim, and it does not benefit humans to view it that way.  Doing so makes us less empowered to correct the […]

Dear Friends, Today is World Oceans Day. While a healthy ocean remains a vital path towards a better world, the world is only better if the people in it are recognized, valued, and supported. The AltaSea Board and Staff are committed to anti-racist values, believe Black Lives Matter, and we pledge to focus our energies […]