A monthly round-up of news and trends important to the AltaSea community.   Marine Science  Seven Brilliant Examples of Nature-inspired Design (Digital Trends) As we’ve come to realize, sometimes the best solution to a problem isn’t always the most complex, and similarly, the best answer isn’t always a new one. While humans may just be […]

By Jenny Krusoe Two species of abalone are trying to make a comeback from near extinction, but their future as an important part of Southern California’s seascape remains uncertain. To gauge how well the black abalone and white abalone have recovered, the federal government is conducting a five-year review of the endangered designations on both […]

AgTech cashing in on global demand with sustainable food alternatives By Jenny Cornuelle Krusoe The world population is expected to add 2 billion more people by 2050, further pinching already scarce resources such as fresh water and arable land. One major opportunity to ensure the world is fed will come from our vast and largely […]

A monthly round-up of news and trends important to the AltaSea community. Marine Science Nine Easy Things You Can Do To Save the Ocean (LifeHacker) There’s still time to save the oceans, by being a little more careful. The next ten years is critical to the survival of the seas. Think one person can’t make […]

It is with deep sadness that we share that Pat Means, our dear friend and valued colleague, passed away last weekend. Her talents, dedication and commitment were an integral part of AltaSea’s success and growth, and her contributions as Director of Communications and Community helped shape the organization’s collaborative vision, pioneering programs and meaningful partnerships. […]

Dear Friends, Time is running out to make a tax-deductible donation in 2016. Act now and support AltaSea. We are using small and large gifts to find ocean-related solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. We know that you have many options when it comes to your end-of-year giving. When you choose AltaSea, you choose […]

by Carl Nettleton on Friday, Dec 16th, 2016 Los Angeles has a longstanding and critical relationship with the ocean — most notably at the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, through which nearly 150 million tons of cargo travel each year. Now, the port of Los Angeles will host a new avenue for promoting ocean-related business […]

Dear Friends, I am excited and humbled that AltaSea was selected as a #MyLA2050 Grants Challenge winner – one of only a few organizations in all of Los Angeles to be awarded this prestigious honor. AltaSea was recognized for our innovative approach to STEM education and our commitment to inspiring the next generation of ocean […]

  A monthly round-up of news and trends important to the AltaSea community. Marine Science Deepest Water Found 1000km Down, a Third of Way to Earth’s Core (New Scientist) Researchers believe that Earth’s mantle may contain many oceans’ worth of water, extending a third of the way to the Earth’s core. This would mean that […]

SPECIAL EDITION AltaSea: Beacon provides updates on AltaSea’s activities, education and community programs and other priority initiatives.  We did it!  AltaSea won the My LA2050 Grants Challenge! Dear Friends, We are incredibly proud to announce that AltaSea has been selected as a #MyLA2050 Grants Challenge winner — one of only 12 organizations in all of Los […]

The Daily Breeze (http://www.dailybreeze.com) By Staff reports AltaSea, the marine research campus being built at San Pedro’s outer harbor, has received a $100,000 award for its STEM program. The 2017 award, announced Tuesday, was given by the Goldhirsh Foundation, which included AltaSea in its annual My LA2050 Grants Challenge, a $1 million competition in support of […]

Dear Friends, Today is #GivingTuesday, a movement to make the first Tuesday following Thanksgiving an international day of giving. In that spirit, we believe every single one of you has the power to make an impact. Whether you are driven by helping AltaSea find ocean-related solutions to the planet’s most pressing challenges, or you’re excited […]

by Jenny Cornuelle Krusoe In a recent LA Waterfront Development Opportunity Analysis report given to the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce by Economic Planning Systems (EPS) with support by Community Design + Architecture (CD+A), Alta Sea is portrayed as a major economic driver for revitalization of the LA Waterfront. Cities are complex systems, subject to cycles […]

Happy Thanksgiving from AltaSea Thank you for being a part of the AltaSea community. We are grateful for your support and what it has enabled us to achieve in 2016 on behalf of our planet, our community and the next generation of ocean innovators. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, from all of us here at […]

By Jenny Krusoe Researchers want to go beyond diaries and journals to find out how ship diets worked. They want to make the food itself. On a boat. According to a recent article in the on-line magazine, Atlas Obscura, “No one really knows if the food they were eating was really that bad, or if […]