Swimmer, with early support from San Pedro’s AltaSea, embarks on a grueling journey across the Pacific
June 5, 2018

Donna Littlejohn After seven years of preparation, Paris-born Ben Lecomte began a 5,000-mile swim across the Pacific Ocean that will benefit a number of causes, including San Pedro’s AltaSea which was one of the project’s early supporters. The swim began …

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Doors from San Pedro’s warehouse past help pay for future ocean research
May 4, 2018

By DONNA LITTLEJOHN | dlittlejohn@scng.com | Daily Breeze A piece of century-old port history — now part of a groundbreaking marine research campus in the making — is the latest fundraising campaign launched by AltaSea in San Pedro and this …

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State of the District: Harbor Area faces a bright ‘tech hub’ future amid the challenge of homelessness
May 3, 2018

By DONNA LITTLEJOHN | dlittlejohn@scng.com | Daily Breeze The Harbor Area is on a fast track to become a hub of innovation and a growing new “blue” economy but continues to be challenged by growing homelessness and a housing shortage …

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It’s official: Boeing’s Echo Voyager to join AltaSea in San Pedro
May 2, 2018

By DONNA LITTLEJOHN | dlittlejohn@scng.com | Daily Breeze     After two years of negotiations, a deal has been signed for Boeing’s Echo Voyager to become a tenant at AltaSea in San Pedro. The formal announcement will be made Thursday by Los Angeles City …

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December 15, 2017

The Port of Los Angeles’ (LA) marine research centre AltaSea has heralded the start of construction of the La Kretz Blue Economy Incubator, a facility forming a key part of its campus. The beginning of construction of the facility, which …

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