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Gensler Unveils New Designs for AltaSea

The Port of Los Angeles’ massive AltaSea marine research campus is slated to break ground later this year, and will occupy City Dock No. 1, an obsolete 100-year-old pier. Just released renderings from the Gensler-led design team reveal specifics of the “transformational” vision for the 35-acre waterfront research and education center. Read More

AltaSea at the Port of LA plans unveiled

Another phase in the remake of San Pedro’s waterfront had the wraps taken off last night. It’s the plans for AltaSea’s 35-acre “campus for innovation” at the Port of Los Angeles, located where City Dock No. 1 is now. The idea is apparently to mix new buildings designed by Gensler architects with restored historic structures […]

Design Unveiled for AltaSea’s Ocean-Based “Campus for Innovation”

Gensler’s Architecture Facilitates Convergence of Science, Business and Education LOS ANGELES, May 26, 2016 – AltaSea today unveiled Gensler’s architectural renderings of its newly-designed, 35-acre “campus for innovation” at the Port of Los Angeles, where stunning new architecture is juxtaposed with restored historic structures and public plazas, creating a space where scientists, businesses and educators […]