A unique public-private ocean institute that joins together the best and brightest in exploration, science, business and education.


We bring the world’s finest climate and marine scientists and engineers together to conduct breakthrough research and discover solutions to food and energy supply, climate change, and ocean exploration.

Today more than 30 leading universities are involved with AltaSea including the University of California, Los Angeles; University of Southern California; Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego; Cal Tech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory; and the Southern California Marine Institute.


AltaSea nurtures new and existing commercial ocean-related products, services, and jobs.

Among our more than 40 active business leaders are EcoWave Power, Pacific6, RCAM,
Blue Robotics, and Holdfast Aquafarms.


AltaSea is pioneering programs that immerse children and adults in the ocean’s critical role for the future of our planet.

In addition to the Los Angeles Unified School District (including Inglewood and Lawndale), 15 + community-based organizations work with AltaSea including: Boys and Girls Clubs of the LA Harbor, Santa Monica College, Wilmington’s Strength Based Community Change (SBCC), and the Watts Entrepreneur Education Center.

Barbara Stanton

Executive Director, Entrepreneur Educational Center, Inc.

“AltaSea means opportunity for our community- members of all ages- to connect with the ocean, learn about new developments in ocean science, and participate in a pipeline to well-paying jobs is transformational. Working together to ensure equity in the marketplace is a serious win for the next generation.”

James Cameron

Explorer and Filmmaker

“The ocean is essential for our planetary health and our long-term survival. That’s why AltaSea’s work is so important. Its vision to combine the talents of science and business sets us on a fresh path for the future.”

Naomi Scott

Next Generation Environmentalist

“I love being a part of the AltaSea community because they give me hope for the future of our planet. Through AltaSea I have had the opportunity to connect with scientists and professionals who are doing work to enact real change and make an impact on our climate. Every time I reconnect with people through AltaSea I am inspired to continue fighting for our environment because I know I have a whole network behind me.”

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